Wednesday, 12 August 2009

my scientist was in the newspaper

ben was in the newspaper yesterday! he says they cut out all the good bits ... but i was impressed! (i might be a biased though)

ben with his new headband on our morning coffee walk through the botanic gardens

this is one of the headband/hat thingamajigs i wanted to finish for him, so that's number 68 from the list of 101 things to do in 1001 days done.
I started it when his hair was getting in his face but wasn't long enough to tie back, but that was probably six months ago now and his curls have multiplied so it's not quite so useful as was intended but he says it keeps his ears warm!
i went to start knitting a headband for myself yesterday and realised that i'd forgotten how to cast on and had to look it up on you tube. i probably have a long way to go until i'll be ready to start, number 70, knitting something that involve more than one rectangle...

there are lots more people taking a photo a day in august at The Byron Life.


  1. Nice photo, great colours! Keep knitting! Im not knitting so much at the moment, but have afew things on the go and in the side lines... You cuold try and find/join a good knitting circle, and im sure they will have some beginner patterns to get you going beyond the basic rectangle! I found the 'stitch and bitch' books full of adventurous and fun stuff

  2. hi ben! they always cut out the good bits! nice work katrine and nice colour co-ord! btw, lots of good things are made from squares! lol

  3. katy - it is isn't it!?!

    jen - thanks for the link, the books look great! i think a good book of patterns would probably help lots. i don't think i'm brave enough to join a knitting circle, i'm sure one of my relations/friends/friend's relations knows how to knit well enough to teach me things!

    jen & kel - i may have tricked him into being colour coordinated without telling him i planned to take his photo… oops!

  4. More things to do with squares...

    my lovely friend Megan has lots of images of knitted things. She was the one that put me on to 'stitch and bitch'!