Thursday, 23 July 2009

101 things in 1001 days

I've done lots of thinking and lots of pestering friends to tell me what they think i should do and have come up with my list
of things i want to do in the next 1001 days.
It was difficult to decide what things should go on the list, and what things i wanted to just let be, but this is what i came up with...

start date: Friday 24 July 2009

end date: Friday, 20 April 2012

  1. Walk the Overland Track in Tasmania. (I'm really excited about this one so it goes first!)
  2. Climb Waterfall Gully to Mt Lofty (or similar) 30 times before walking the overland track.
  3. Walk the Yurrebilla Trail through the Adelaide Hills
  4. Walk the Deep Creek National Park section of the Heyson Trail (camp halfway)
  5. Find another trail that excites me and walk it. Maybe in Victoria, Northern NSW or SE QLD?
  6. Walk the Marino cliff tops from Brighton to Hallet Cove Conservation park with Belinda
  7. Do the Victor Harbour walk Ben's dad recommended
  8. Walk through Mt George Conservation Park with my boss
  9. Walk from home/the city to Victoria and Nakita's house along the Torrens River before we move.
  10. Try taking Radish (our apartment cat) for another walk on her leash
  11. Do a term of Belly dancing lessons.
  12. Go on a picnic
  13. Visit 15 exhibitions
  14. Hire out the Mt Lofty youth hostel with friends
  15. Go to Deep Creek National Park
  16. Go to Kangaroo Island
  17. Go to the Flinders Ranges
  18. Climb St Mary's Peak in the Flinders Ranges
  19. Go on a holiday with just Ben, no one else.
  20. Go to a Rainbow Gathering
  21. Go to a Confest
  22. Go to a Folk Festival … not Woodford again … preferably the national one in Canberra with Belinda.
  23. Make sure I see my globetrotting friend Emma.
  24. Grown my hair and plait it like it was when I was 17
  25. Get a henna tattoo … but not at a festival … little A would be really good at this
  26. Visit my nana in Melbourne
  27. See my family 4 times a month for 6 months
  28. Do something fun with just my siblings
  29. Practice yoga five times a week for a month so I get into the habit again. (This one doesn't count until I've inevitably gotten distracted from my yoga, then had to drag myself back to it)
  30. Do sun salutations every morning for a few weeks and see how I feel (I'm usually a night time yogi)
  31. Do 108 sun salutations to celebrate something
  32. Organise my pantry (which is really a pile of boxes full of food in the bedroom because my kitchen is that small)
  33. Empty my cupboards of nasty things and start cleaning using green, frugal methods
  34. Learn to make soap
  35. Clean up the plants on my balcony.
  36. Clean out my closet and donate at least 2 big ikea bags worth of clothing
  37. Sort out my superannuation.
  38. Make and bottle lots of tomato sauce
  39. Make and bottle lots of jam
  40. Make sourdough bread
  41. Make ginger Beer
  42. Make a fruit or vegetable wine
  43. Cook Christmas Pudding with Belinda (before September)
  44. Cook Sri Lankan wedding cake with mum
  45. Cook with duck
  46. Cook with rabbit
  47. Cook with goat
  48. Cook a cassoulet with Ben
  49. Cook using another ingredient I haven't used before
  50. Cook 10 things from 101 cookbooks
  51. Cook slow roasted pork with Jel and steal her secrets
  52. Learn a delicious Japanese dish from Jel.
  53. Find the perfect Japanese cookbook
  54. Cook an Indian feast to share with Ben's siblings.
  55. Cook up a tajine feast with Belinda
  56. Eat at Bridgewater Mill
  57. High Tea at the Apothecary on Hindley St with Belinda
  58. Eat/drink coffee at 10 new places with Belinda
  59. Go to the Willunga farmers market
  60. Go mushrooming
  61. Only do food shopping at the farmers markets and the central markets for a month. No quick trips to the Woolworths near works or the IGA down the street because I haven't been organised enough to buy what I need or I don't already have what I really want to eat.
  62. Only buy organic or 'in conversion' food for a month. See if I feel any healthier…
  63. Acquire bags for fruit/veg/loose grains etc from Kel … and use them
  64. Don't use a microwave for a month, re-examine whether or not I need to have a microwave afterwards
  65. Eat nourishing traditions style for a month and see how i feel ...
  66. Learn to sew something wonderful from Anakin
  67. Learn to sew a quilt (and finish it)
  68. Finish knitting Ben a headband/hat thingamajig
  69. Knit dishcloths
  70. Learn how to knit something more complicated than a single rectangle/square
  71. Learn to crochet
  72. Crochet a granny square rug
  73. Learn to embroider something pretty
  74. Make 10 presents for friends/family instead of buying things
  75. Sew myself some cloth pads to complete my stash, or get a moon cup
  76. Give blood. last time i gave blood was also the first time i ever fainted so i'm scared of this one
  77. Learn to recognise 20 new plant species
  78. Learn and draw 20 construction details for work
  79. Find a way to use Adobe Illustrator usefully for work
  80. Learn something about photography/my camera from Victoria, my boss, J
    and the internet
  81. Learn something about using Photoshop better from J and the internet
  82. Make and Send 10 Postcards
  83. Write a letter to Cagri, my highschool penpal from turkey who recontacted me through facebook
  84. Write my nana a letter
  85. Take photos … one a day for a month
  86. Write posts … one a day for a month
  87. Read 20 novels recommended/borrowed from Belinda
  88. Read 20 non-fiction books recommended/borrowed from Belinda
  89. Read/watch 20 Ben recommended things
  90. Read 'How to be a better foodie. A bulging little book for the truly epicurious' by Sugi Pigott as recommended by kel
  91. Move out of our apartment and into our house (when its finally built)
  92. Be 3 years ahead on our mortgage
  93. Learn about companion planting
  94. Start a Vegetable Garden
  95. Start Composting
  96. Plant 20 different vegetables/herbs/fruit
  97. Harvest 20 different vegetables/herbs/fruit
  98. Get chickens
  99. Hold a working Bee at the community garden
  100. Start planting in the community garden
  101. Harvest something from the community garden

so that's the list done, now i just have to get started…


  1. wow-what a fantastic list-im honoured to rate a mention! as soon as mushroom season starts up i will definitely invite you along (now i can contact you!). im tempted to challenge myself to one. you obviously enjoy bush walking!

  2. kel
    the list was challenging but lots of fun to write. :)
    i've only just started bushwalking and am really enjoying it. I'm trying to get in as much practice walking up hills before attempting the overland track as i can so i don't colapse in a heap half way!

  3. Good luck on 10... better you than me. 19 shouldnt be to hard i think. 99 looks like a typo.
    Sad about woodford really... sunrise, sunset.
    cats in the cradle and yes we have no bananas.

  4. ben
    thank you love! i've fixed 99 and you've got no choice with 19!

  5. Great list! When you are ready to start up your veggie and herb garden, do contact me, I'd love to share cuttings and seeds with you. There's plenty around here. :)

  6. veggie
    thank you! I've got no idea when we'll be able to move in to our house and start digging (or even when the builder is going to make a start) but when we do i'll definatley take you up on the offer!

  7. I love it this is brilliant! I started a list in May when I turned 30 of 41 things to do before I'm 40 - I'm just trying to narrow it down! Very inspiring.

  8. katy - i'm glad you like it! i think i'd find the 30 things to do over a 10 year period much harder ... even with a 3 year time limit the further away a 'thing' was likely to be completed the more i doubted myself and whether it would still be a 'thing' i wanted to do. lists of goals are really quite tricky to compile!