Friday, 31 July 2009

walk score

my walk score is 95, a walkers paradise! too bad when i move 14mins drive from the city going to drop to a car-dependant 34... the adelaide suburbs are that bad!

but that's about right... we didn't own a car (and i didn't even know how to drive!) for the first four years of living in our apartment. even when i got a job that took 80mins to get to by public transport and only 25mins by car i still didn't bother learning how to drive.

but when we bought a block of land in the suburbs, despite it being in an 'eco village', one of the first thing i knew i needed to do was learn to drive and buy a car.

moving to the suburbs definatley has it's downfalls.


  1. i covet your canon eos...maybe xmas...bummer bout thetransport good public transport out of village or just no local convieniences close by?

  2. kel - it's a 15min walk from an o-bahn stop and an easy ride along the torrens river into the city, but the walk score is based on local convieniences and there are no local convieniences at all.

  3. love this site - mine was 68!

  4. Gosh, walk score 14! But I knew we were car-dependent. :( We need a horse / donkey and a cart!

    I didn't have a driver's licence until I came to live here 10 years ago. Because of the walk score of 14! Previously I walked, cycled and took public transport wherever I used to live.

    The good thing is that we both work from home and only go for a weekly shop. :)

  5. veggie - i wish i was organised enough to only go for a weekly shop! I'm trying to get better but am terrible at planning what i want to eat in advance so am always popping off to the shops for a last minute ingredient or two :)

  6. Oh dear, I just did this and realised our walk score is 0. big fat zero. Hmmmm... well we are about 20km out of town in rural heaven! But undeniably car dependent.