Thursday, 30 July 2009

raw milk

i've found raw organic jersey milk! my heart skipped a beat and I did a little dance when I first saw it sitting in the refrigerator cabinet! so that puts me one step closer to number 65 on my list "eat nourishing traditions style for a month and see how i feel ..." without having to give up milk.

but, now that I finally have raw milk I come across a few problems that I hadn't thought about before though.

i drink lots of milk, but mostly its in hot drinks and I don't know how much I can heat the raw milk before i may as well have gotten pasteurized milk. Is it ok to put raw milk in my hot tea or coffee? what about heating it on the stove for chai? I don't know…

the milk comes ALL the way from Gympie in Queensland (that's 2200km away!) so I want to make sure that I'm getting the most out of it… especially because you can get B.d. Farm Paris Creek bio-dynamic in conversion organic milk everywhere in Adelaide now.

maybe i should have thought about all this before i paid $6 for 2L of milk!

It is very very tasty in my smoothies though!


  1. hmm, do they sell it as bath milk to avoid illegal to sell for human consumption issues? and yes, thats A LONG WAY for some milk - oops shouted.

  2. I'm sure it's okay in milk and tea. In fact, we went to somebody's place a while ago and they had a jug of raw milk in their fridge - and offered it for their cups of tea & coffee.

    I'm still wondering where to get a share in a cow. I'd love to get milk fresh from the farm gate close by. When we were kids, my brother and I would go every evening at 6pm to the neighbouring farm to get our milk pitcher (2 liters) filled. Gosh that milk was fantastic!!! Sometimes the farmer was a bit late with the milking and we roamed the cow shed and played with the calves. Mum was not impressed when we returned - we STANK!

  3. kel - i think 2200km is worth a shout :) and yep, the bath milk label is to get around the law that forbids unpasturised milk. now that the initial excitement has passed and the thought of 2200km is settling in i'm still not sure if i care more about whole food or local food ... balancing priopities is always tricky!

    veggie - what a lovely memory! this milk from qld is pretty fantastic too ... the cream tastes extra green and grassy compared to the SA unhomoginized milks i've tried. a share in a cow would be wonderful if you could find it ... whole and local! :)