Tuesday, 4 August 2009


jonquils at the kitchen table

i bought myself some jonquils on sunday as a preemptory reward for all the house cleaning i was going to do on sunday afternoon (we had an inspection today).
whenever i walk past a patch of jonquils flowering i always stop to enjoy their scent, but i try not to buy cut flower so i have to concentrate on not giving into temtation and buying a bunch when i see them for sale.
while i've got my bunch of indulgent jonquils i'm making the most of them by taking them with me all around the house so i can enjoy their perfume where ever i am (and occasionally i lend them to ben so where ever he is can smell nice too).
i don't like growing food on my balcony becausue of all the car and bus fumes but maybe next autumn i could plant my empty pots full of jonquils and have my own little flower farm come winter.

jonquils next to the bed

there are lots more people taking a photo a day in august at The Byron Life


  1. How beautiful - I have been trying not to give in to temptation and buy cut flowers - somehow I always fold when it comes to lillies!

  2. Lovely! If you do plant some jonquils in pots and need some bulbs - please do not hesitate to contact me. We have plenty to share around. Different colours, too! :)

  3. katy- i've been displaying arranging leafy greens and fruit around my little house instead of flowers so as to avoid the tempation ... it kind of works but i think it's time for a few more pots of geraniums and cyclamons. i'm just so much happier when i've got green things around me.

    veggie - thank you for another lovely offer! you're so generous with your plants! :)

  4. It is easy to be generous! We have tons and love to share. So at any time you are eager to do some planting in pots, come for a drive to the Hills! There is tons to choose from. Geraniums, lavender, rosemary, bulbs of all kinds, thyme, sage (even if you don't use the herbs due to pollution, they are lovely to have around), .....

  5. veggie - you right, herbs are lovely to have around just for the smell, and i am breathing in the pollution every day so eating if might not be any different if i'm going to think logically about it...
    I’ll get onto cleaning up the pots I already have on the balcony and come visit you in a couple of weeks to get some cuttings (and see the sheep!). Thank you!

  6. You can always use the (taller growing) flower pots as a screen and put the herbs in front, to shield them a little?

    Great! It'll be fun to load you up with lots of cuttings, etc. :) Will tell the sheep to be on their best behaviour.

  7. Hi Katrine, not sure why my comments have not made it onto your posts. sometimes blogger can be a bit temperamental! Not to worry. I'll see if this one gets through!

    Hey, is that a drawing roll I see there? I wonder if you work for Kate and Kevin?

  8. oooooh... it worked this time!!! yeah!!!

  9. jen - thank you for persisting! i don't know anything about how blogger works ... very confusing.
    it is a drawing roll, one that i've spent lots of time with this week :) i work for a little company no one really knows of, not TCL.

  10. (deleted previous post as I got my seasons all wrong)

    Umm...just checked with Flower Gnome whose domain the jonquils are. They will die down in Spring (approx. October), and then can come out of the ground, and then can be planted next autumn. Soo.. the gist of it is, the bulbs will have to wait till at least spring. But you can have any cuttings you like now. It's a good time to wander around the garden and take cuttings of most herbs and shrubs, etc.

    But you probably knew that anyway.

  11. veggie - it's lovely you and flower gnome have such complementing gardening skills!
    i'd like to try and get some cuttings started before the summer heat kicks in and our balcony turns into an oven again. it's north facing and has a big stone heat sink of a wall behind it, so it's pretty inhospitable in summer (which is why i though winter flowering bulbs might fare better).
    this year i'm going to try some shade cloth over my plants and see if that helps.
    over the last four summers we've been here only succulents and geraniums have survived the jan/feb heat waves :(