Tuesday, 11 August 2009


i love the keep cup... it's so pretty, so practical and not at all embarrassing like the thought of giving my clunky thermal cup to a barista is. good design is wonderful like that.

yesterday morning i bought a take away coffee. we had run out of milk and i wanted to walk ben to work through the botanic gardens, and everyone knows that a walk through the botanic gardens is much nicer with a cup of coffee to sip, so my thermal cup stayed at home and waste was produced...

i used to buy take away coffees all the time, especially when i was at uni or worked in more traditional offices. i don't think it ever accrued to me that i shouldn't buy take-away coffees because of the waste ... it accrued to me that i was probably spending too much money on milky caffeinated goodness, but that's a different kettle of fish. now that i don't have sit in lectures, work in a suburban house, and have a mortgage to pay i hardly ever buy take-away coffee. i wonder how many take away coffees cup i would need to not use to make up for buying a keep cup, probably far too many....

flat white

Anyhow, this is yesterday afternoons coffee (i promise i don't usually buy coffee twice a day). you don't ever get that much prettiness in a take away cup!

there are lots more people taking photos in august at The Byron Life. they're probably even taking one a day like i said i'd try to :)


  1. Yum...now I must go and grab my coffee machine out - a little while ago I thought I was producing to much waste with takeaway coffee so I grabbed a cheap machine from big w - foe a Stay at home mum it works okay! I know - I'm trying to keep up with the photo thing too - missed a couple of days though!

  2. For a bit of time I was getting take away cups without the plastic lids in a small attempt at reducing waste and a few of the baristas would make those steamy hearts on the top. It surprised me every time because it wasn't a steamy heart kind of chain. But the people were wonderful. Now I mostly make my own coffee and wonder like you, how many times do I need to use this thermal cup to make it worth it's metally footprint.

  3. katy - so far i've resisted the lure of a coffee machine and make do with a plunger ... i've been thinking one of the italian stove top contraptions might be a happy medium but don't want to comit myself to not getting a coffee machine!

    kale - hello :)
    i would definitely spill coffee all over my hand if i went without a lid, but that would be a small sacrifice for the environment and a steamy heart in my coffee!
    all your 'bring your own container' anecdotes are very inspiring. recently i've really been noticing how reading about or seeing other people’s good examples are helping me re-examine my bad habits i had previouosly take for granted.