Saturday, 8 August 2009

the took tooks

this afternoon i visited my friend and her chicken's. to call then she coos took took, took took and so they've become know as the took tooks, a beautifully evocative name i think...

y&b's little chickens
some of the little took tooks

y&b's big chicken
one of the big took tooks

y&b's chicken eggs
and some of took tooks googly eggs

she originally only planned on having two took tooks but when her first pair flew away she was given a few more, then over a couple of months a few more took tooks flew away so she kept getting more ... but now they've all found their way back home (and have had their wings clipped a little bit) so she's ended up with LOTS of took tooks and too many eggs for just two people.
she generously gave me three little eggs, three big eggs and a jar of her delicious schug (a very hot yeminite condiment) to take home so i'm looking froward to a very tasty breakfast in the morning!

there are lots more people taking a photo a day in august at The Byron Life.


  1. tuk tuk is also the Thai name for the little brightly coloured 3 wheeled taxi vehicles that whizz around! nice pics. Im dying for your camera! enjoy your breakfast..we've run out of eggs, awaiting a visit from the Gnomes today!

  2. i used to have a couple of chickens called Thelma and Louise. Needless to say they were always getting into trouble, and like their namesakes, met with a troubled end. but i remember them fondly, and would love to keep chickens again...thank you for the lovely photos , and like Kel, I also covet your camera!

  3. kel - your description of tuk tuk sounds just like the chickens!

    kel and jen - it's not all the camera, there's a bit of contrast and brightness fiddling to make the world a little less grey too :)
    i'm really looking forward to having little chickens, the little eggs are definitely the tastiest!

  4. its the crispness! definitely noticable and not just the editing! sniff

  5. I love the took tooks! I like the new banner too! Great photos - I need to figure out my camera!

  6. katy - thank you! camera's are tricky aren't they? i still just point and shoot mine ... i need to read the manual and learn about the cool things i'm sure it does that i have no clue about!

    kel - i think my camera is the cheapest of all the cannon EOS's and they have packages with two lenses that come on sale pretty regularly ... and christmas is only five months away! :) it's a pain in the ass to carry around though!

  7. that's it, no took took eggs for you ben!