Tuesday, 8 September 2009


6:50am got out of bed, had shower.
7:20am shared a coffee with ben and walked through botanic gardens with him to work. it rained lots.
8:00am came home soaking wet becasue i didn't bring an umbrella. got changed, dried hair, did some work
9:30am dentist appointment. my teeth are all good.
10:15am made egg sandwhich for brunch
10:50am went to the homebirth rally. there where heaps more people than i expected. it was wonderful! i forgot to take my camera but there's some video of the rally here.
11:45am rally was rained out so went home
12:00 did more work.
3:00pm drove to waterfall gully with ben
3:30pm met mum and dad at waterfall gully, started climbing.
4:40pm ate muslei bar at summit, recovered, started walking back down the mountain.
5:20pm drove to yoga from waterfall gully
5:50pm got changed out of yucky walking clothes
6:00pm yoga (my brain wasn't racing nearly as much as usual becasue of being all tired out from the walk, it was a wonderful.)
7:40pm drove to iga to buy dinner for victoria and me
7:55pm tried to find car park near womens and childrens hospital that wasn't scary to walk from at night (Nakita was admitted on sunday because she's not breathing properly, poor little thing)
8:15pm found car park.
8:25pm found Victoria and Nakita's ward. watched the nurse do her thing with Nakita. had a play and a cuddle with Nakita.
9:00pm had dinner and cups of tea with Victoria while Nakita was asleep
10:00pm went home, debreifed with Ben
10:30pm time to sleep...

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