Tuesday, 8 September 2009

i took a photo of a bird!

we visited ben's mum, who lives up in the adelaide hills, on friday night. neither of us wanted to drive home after she was extra lovely and fed us tasty champagne as well as taking us to chingari's, our favourite indian restaurant, so we made up a bed and stayed the night in her little valley.


in the morning his mum and i traipsed around the garden admiring the prettiness



while i dug up some of the self sown silverbeet and herbs from the lawn to pot up for my balcony

silverbeet in the grass

and very happily noted that she's letting the kale go to seed, so hopefully they'll pop up everywhere next year too...


when this little blue wren flitted past!

a blue wren

granted he did sit still for maybe 30 seconds...

a blue wren

but i'm still pretty happy i manage to snap two whole decent photos of him!

(do you think that's too many photos for that little writing?!)


  1. Nah, photos are good, they tell a story too. The ones of the wren are great, it is really hard to take pictures of birds as they don't seem to stay still for very long.

  2. Great photos - I don't think there is a word to photo ratio - perfect x

  3. excellent photos of the wren, what a beautiful little fellow with such a gorgeous bolt of blue round his neck. i love birds. not to own though. they are a pain in the ass to own!

    i can't believe you have a cat named Radish. that is so cool. Radish is one of my favorite words.

  4. Beaut piccies! Of food, garden and birds. Sounds like a great time was had by everyone. How is Chingari's? :)

  5. I love all the photos Katrine... think of these posts as 'photo essays'!!! Check out Delwyn's (Hazy Moon's) wandering visual poems. I have a link to her blog. SHe is one of my followers.

  6. nice nice nice. bird pics are beautiful, just beautiful, i havent yet seen a blue wren at our place just lots of fire finches. yeah, whatever you like re the ratio, we take what were given and pics are always great. hehe. and the kale....

  7. pip - birds are really hard aren't they?! i've been taking photos of the rosellas out my window after your post of rosellas, but it's sooo hard to get a good shot without too much of the plane tree branches in the way!

    katy - thank you xxx i have to remember i'm writing my blog for me so whatever i feel like posting is perfectly ok.

    maggie may - the blue is stunning isn't it!
    i wanted to name our cat rabbit but ben though it was too similar to his sisters cat pig... so he suggested radish, i got it engraved on her name tag and then it was settled! :)

    veggie - all the good things covered i think!
    chingaris is wonderful! i LOVE chingaris! although i wish they hadn't stopped the evening where there was a set menu and they showed you how to cook it... they where my favourite chingari nights. :)

    jen - i like the photo essay concept! delwyn's blog is beautiful, thank you for the prod in her direction

    kelly - thank you x. fire finches are pretty cute! all i ever see at home are rosellas, there's just no where for the littlies to hide in the city. :(

  8. I dont know how you managed to get that little bird to sit still long enough to take his picture! Well done.!!!
    I have tried for ages to capture one in a photo, even taken the lid off the compost so they might come to dine on the flying insects.....which they did, but they are so fast !
    Then on the other hand, it may be me....too slow. Yes that's it!! too slow.

  9. olive - it was luck, i promise!!! the wren was jumping all over the garden and i'd given up trying to get a clear shot of him, then all of a sudden he decided to show off and sit on a stake right in front of me for a good 20-30 seconds. i almost didn't get the shot in focus though becasue he was so small that my camera kept trying to focus on the bushes behind him and i'm terrible at manually focusing! it really was all just luck! :)

    jane - thank you x