Wednesday, 16 September 2009

hafla nerves

evangaline leads improvisation
evangaline, my teacher, leading women from all three collectives
in a dance at the hafla!

I went to a hafla* on sunday and after only six lessons, my belly dancing class performed for four whole minutes. I was even brave enough to dance in the front row!

Now i don't do things in public. I freeze up and get super anxious infront of any sort of audience so it was terrifying, and if i'd know that i had to perform after only six lessons i don't think i would have started dancing... especially not tribal belly dancing where you learn dance moves but you don't learn any choreography. Instead the leader of the chorus of dancers improvises the choreography on the spot, it's like a game of follow the leader.

The whole thing only stopped being terrifying when halfway through our dance our leader/teacher improvised a move none of us knew and we all stuffed up, all of a sudden i didn't care if i made a mistake anymore and it started being lots of fun! I'm sure there's a lesson to be learnt there ... but i'm sure it won't make any difference to how anxious i feel when i next have to do something in public. :)

* i think a hafla translates to party. in this case it was three belly dancing collectives getting together for an afternoon of food, wine and performing for each other, no boys allowed ;)


  1. yup.big juicy lesson. (says the older woman to the younger one) life is about enjoyment! so glad you experienced that in such a wonderful learning moment. i suspect it may have some impact on your next performance; experience! couldnt find you in the pic tho!
    word veri:witness!

  2. How cool are you! What an inspiring moment - you are very brave x

  3. Wow! What an amazing experience. That must have been quite special. A few more of these special moments and you *will* do things in public. :)

  4. You can see the tummy muscles strengthening with every arm lift/hip twist :) but really Miss Adelaide... any excuse to wear sequins & bells & eat middle eastern food! xx

  5. i have a friend that teaches belly dancing, and her belly is...amazing!

  6. kelly - it's pretty hard to belly dance and take photos of yourself at the same time ;). i certainly hope i get a little less anxious with subsequent performances!

    katy - thank you :) if you want to try there's mother and daughter lessons at willunga! (you're down south aren't you?)

    veggie - i would love to be a person who does things in public ... and i am getting there slowly :)

    mushroom - my mushroom is here! welcome to my blog and back from the island!
    my side abs ache every time i dance so it must be doing something!
    i was in melbourne over the weekend and went to the middle eastern restraunt near my aunts that we had the grilled watermelon with pomegranete, feta and mint at, do you remember? it was sooooo tasty!

    maggie may - hehehe! i love the way after exercising all my belly muscles go hard and it feels like i've got impressive abs underneath there somewhere for at least half an hour :)

  7. Hey, how good for the soul must that have been? Yay for you. Bet you're not quite so nervous next time....?!

  8. i get so nervous at those things too...letting go is the best part!

  9. Hi there!! Just wanted to let you know that I'm loving your blog! I notice that you have my food blog linked on your page (THANK YOU!!) and wanted to let you know that I've relocated.. the new web address is Do you mind updating that link for me? Thanks!

  10. i´m the same way! just reading your post made me a little nervous ;) thanks for visiting. you have a really fun blog here. besos!