Wednesday, 2 September 2009

gnome flowers

daffodils the gnomes potted for me. thank you gnomes!

gnome flowers
bunches of flowers from the gnomes garden. thank you again gnomes! :)

on sunday afternoon the gnomes had a bunch of bloggers over to wander through the garden, have a bit of a chat and consume lots of tasty treats. It made for a lovely afternoon indeed!
i've only been writing this blog for a very short while, but i've been reading (lurking around!) these adelaide based blogs for a while now, so it was both bizarre and delightful to match people to the words and pictures i've been admiring on my computer screen. it was also lovely to meet lots of seed savers and learn about their group!
the drive to the gnomes was a long and windy adventure into the back of the hills, so i got to see a beautiful part of south australia that i never seem to venture into. it was all so very lush and green and there'd been a bit of rain so all the foliage was glistening in the sun... and then there was the sunset illuminating the hill faces as i drove home ... the gnomes really do live in a lovely part of the world!
thank you both for having us over and for all the present gnomes!
I'll post the recipes for falafels and brownies i said i would soon. i promise.


  1. beautiful pics! really beautiful thats second one is stunning. sigh. Nice to meet you Katrine, it was a great afternoon, not long enough as there were plenty more things for a nosy parker to ask. Save them up for next time!

  2. Oh proteas, my favourite! Very puzzled to see daffs at this time of year until I realised that you're in Australia....

    THanks for stopping by my blog xx

  3. kel - thank you :) maybe you deserve a new camera soon... a special 'just because' present to yourself... just because :)

    spudbaloo - the internet is a lovely place for connecting the hemispheres together isn't it :) your blog was a pleasure to stop by!

  4. Gosh, your pictures are amazing! Especially the second one. Love it.
    Was lovely meeting you and I agree with Kel, it would have been great to have a longer chat. But that is always a bit difficult in a big group.
    We still have a tiny piece of brownie left. :)

  5. veggie - thank you :) i had some lovely subject matter for my photos!
    maybe in a few weeks i could bring you both some sort of tasty something, buy some eggs of you, and pick your brains for all the fruit tree growing info i'm going to need if my community garden plans are going to be successful! I'm drawing them up at the moment and by golly it's hard to decide where to put all the trees i want! :)

  6. Katrine, just say when. You are always welcome. :)